It’s safe to say most of us had some free time on our hands when the pandemic first began, which forced a lot us to stay inside, social distance and, perhaps, learn a new skill or two.

One thing that was trending in the early days of the pandemic was people learning to bake, especially banana bread and the intimidating sourdough bread. Did you hone in on your baking (or even cooking) skills during quarantine? Did you master a recipe? We want to hear about it.

Perhaps instead of spending time in the kitchen during quarantine, you spent it outside in your backyard, growing a garden or perfecting a new workout routine?

Did you learn to play a new instrument, like the piano or guitar?

Did you learn how to knit or crochet?

Maybe you even decorated the front windows of your home with messages of hope and kindness for first responder workers.

Whatever it was that you mastered during quarantine, we want to hear about it.

You can submit photos of your new hobby, and tell us the story on how you spent your time learning a new skill. Let us know, and you might be featured in an upcoming Something Good story.