Quarantine was tough on everyone, but it was even more challenging for people who were separated from loved ones.

Some were separated by cities and states (or even countries if you have family in Canada or Mexico), but some were even separated in the same town, like grandparents who were quarantined in nursing homes.

While a lot of Americans still haven’t been able to see family or friends, many now have, once restrictions were lifted — and how sweet these reunions have been.

Did you have an emotional get-together in your family that you captured with photos or videos? We want to hear about it! (Or see, if you’re comfortable sharing!)

Below you can submit a photo of your reunion, along with the story of what happened. How long were you separated? Was it a family member of lifelong friend? Were you separated by cities, states or something else?

You could be featured in an upcoming segment of “Something Good,” so give us all the details!